“Seeing comes before words.”  John Berger, 1976.

Beyond Text  is a multi-disciplinary collective of scholars and artists housed at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC.  Our practices are framed by the belief that the visual and sensorial realms of human cognition allow us to perceive and represent bodies, cities, and societies to communicate in ways that go beyond ‘the text.’ In going beyond ‘text’, sound and visual become ‘the subject’.

We encourage critical conversations and projects that use digital technologies and the audio-visual realm to creatively express and communicate issues concerning bodies, cities, and societies. In this pursuit our network hosts collaborations and exchanges between scholars, artists, and communities beyond the university. The collective includes, but is not limited to, scholars and artists from diverse disciplinary fields like visual arts, film, photography, journalism, anthropology, sociology, urban and regional studies, architecture, and engineering.